I would just like to edit my conclusions.

Please refer to the comments by Torbin:


The Crabwood disc says:

"Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES.Much PAIN but still time.EELIE1366E.There is GOOD out there.We oPpose DECEPTION.COnduit CLOSING,"

So, the title of my blog is wrong and perhaps also much of my conclusions. Maybe readers will still find some of the information useful on their search.
A Crop glyph formation at Crabwood with an Alien face holding CD with ASCI code message reads:
"Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES.
Much PAIN but still time.
There is GOOD out there.
COnduit CLOSING [bell sound]"

The word 'EELrijue' was not a 'mistake' that some have interpreted to be the word 'believe', but it has the intentional meaning of:
'Editable, Executable Library of a multitude' and it is referring to the infinitely evolving Collective Consciousness. The fact that this word was 'corrupted' in the crop formation seems to me to be indicating that for humanity, our Collective Consciousness is 'corrupted' or possibly even 'tampered with'. The 'false gifts and broken promises' bearers are the ETs depicted in the glyph, who are commonly referred to as the 'greys' who made agreements with the United States government for genetic experimentation in exchange for technological 'gifts'. The messengers want us to know that they are the benevolent messengers who also sent the 'Aricebo Reply' crop glyph along with the humanoid face.

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Wednesday, April 30, 2008


About the Personal Computer Services Logo:

David Flynn, "Watchers"

My comments: Seems to be a Christian "end-time prophesy" website. There is information about Marian apparitions comparing them to UFO sightings. The middle of the disk in the logo is supposed to be a micro-chip representing the end-time belief that it is the "Mark of the Beast" that will be implanted. The website also has information about Mars Cydonia.


"In 1996, Watcher Website's webmaster posted the picture. Watcher website deals with not merely Ufos from a Biblical pespective, but the "angels who are disguised as aliens" -- their angelic plan and the End Time scenario, and of course the evidence of an intelligent pre-human civilization on Cydonia Mars."

Watcher website:

"One might ask, "if rebel angels can imitate Godly miracles, how can one tell if angels are of God or rebellious? Couldn't they all be the same?" This is the confusion satan's minions have always sown. Keel,Sitchen, and many alternative UFOlogists fail to realize the very obvious distinction between God's angelic messengers and the deceptive manifestations of fallen angels. God's messengers always acted within the confines of God's Word, that is, their actions and the results of their actions were always Biblically, Lawfully, consistant. The results of interaction with an angel of God left the visitee with no doubts about the Biblical God, nor His revealed Word. In contrast, contact with "angelic" aliens and occult entities casts doubt on the validity of the Bible and leaves confusion concerning God's identity. Godly angelic encounters always gave glory to God and confirmed His Word, while deceptive angelic encounters, occult manifestations and aliens, lead humans away from God into increased occultism, self-deification, self-actualization, human potential, and a complete disregard for the validity of the Bible."

The Watchers were a specific race of divine beings known in Hebrew as 'nun resh ayin' or 'irin' meaning 'those who watch' or 'those who are awake', which is translated into Greek as Egrhgoroi egregoris or grigori, meaning 'watchers'. The early books of the Bible speak of some vague heavenly beings called malochim (singular, malach). Although malach is usually translated 'angel', its literal meaning is 'messenger.'

  • Archangel Michael is called from the North

  • Archangel Gabriel is called from the West

  • Archangel Ariel/Uriel (angel of wishes and willpower) is called from the North or East

  • Archangel Raphael is called from the South

Originally there were 4 royal stars and they were called the Watchers. Each of these stars ruled over one of the 4 cardinal points. North - Formalhaut - who marked Winter Solstice; South - Regulus - who marked Summer Solstice; East - Aldebaran - who marked the Spring Equinox; West - Antares - who marked Autumn Equinox.

  • Formalhaut (Arabic for 'mouth of the fish'), is one of the southernmost bright, first-magnitude stars visible to northern latitudes. It can be found in the constellation Piscis, and is the 17th brightest star.

  • Antares is found in the constellation Scorpius, and is the 14th brightest star. Antares is the heart of the Scorpion. Antares gets its name from the ancient Greeks. It means 'anti-Ares'. Ares is, of course, the Greek god of War who is also called Mars by the Romans.

  • Aldebaran is found in the constellation Taurus, and is the 13th brightest star. Aldebaran is the red eye of the Bull.

  • Regulus is found in the constellation Leonis, and is the 21st brightest star. Regulus in Latin means 'royalty', 'prince' or 'little king', and is the brightest star in Leo. Prior to Copernicus, who gave it its name, it was called Cor Leonis, the heart of the Lion. The Persians saw this star as the Watcher in the North and linked the star to their mythical king Feridun who once, in their mythology, ruled the entire known world.

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