I would just like to edit my conclusions.

Please refer to the comments by Torbin:


The Crabwood disc says:

"Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES.Much PAIN but still time.EELIE1366E.There is GOOD out there.We oPpose DECEPTION.COnduit CLOSING,"

So, the title of my blog is wrong and perhaps also much of my conclusions. Maybe readers will still find some of the information useful on their search.
A Crop glyph formation at Crabwood with an Alien face holding CD with ASCI code message reads:
"Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES.
Much PAIN but still time.
There is GOOD out there.
COnduit CLOSING [bell sound]"

The word 'EELrijue' was not a 'mistake' that some have interpreted to be the word 'believe', but it has the intentional meaning of:
'Editable, Executable Library of a multitude' and it is referring to the infinitely evolving Collective Consciousness. The fact that this word was 'corrupted' in the crop formation seems to me to be indicating that for humanity, our Collective Consciousness is 'corrupted' or possibly even 'tampered with'. The 'false gifts and broken promises' bearers are the ETs depicted in the glyph, who are commonly referred to as the 'greys' who made agreements with the United States government for genetic experimentation in exchange for technological 'gifts'. The messengers want us to know that they are the benevolent messengers who also sent the 'Aricebo Reply' crop glyph along with the humanoid face.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Dark Ones

This is an interesting way to look at how events are unfolding on earth in these strange times from the perspective of a 'dark one'... it reminds me of the Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis.

Response to the ‘Briefings of the Allies of Humanity’
by Brigitta Keck, October 2008
Early August 2008 Brigitta Keck was inspired to write a letter to Marshall Vian Summers, the author of the ‘Allies of Humanity Book One’ available as a pdf file on his website
http://www.alliesofhumanity.org/ .


"For a few moments I will imagine what it might be like to be a ‘Dark One’, exploring their point of view.

As a dark one I made the decision to follow a specific path, the path of power and domination. In this life I worked hard and climbed up the ladder of my highly structured society, achieving positions of more and more power. I was able to do it for so long, over and over again, that following the standard procedures is second nature by now. There is no room for new ideas, for creativity, because I am convinced that my way is the right way. I AM powerful and nothing can stand in my way. I feel strong and invincible - and I am also arrogant and stuck in my ways. I especially enjoy dealing with this planet the natives call ‘Earth’, it is such a wonderful playground for my kind. And suddenly the unimaginable happens. The whole environment begins to change. With the overall rising frequencies it becomes more and more difficult to maintain my position of power. My subjects are starting to ‘wake up’, to ask questions and to think for themselves and even I can do nothing about it. For the first time I am forced to change my tactics. A part of me, safely hidden in the back of my mind, knows that our dominion over this planet may come to an end someday, but surely that is an event that will happen in the far future, not during my lifetime. First I try the same old tactics, creating as much strife as possible, fostering separation wherever I can. But this time it doesn’t work that well. Some of the natives refuse to be baited and stubbornly pursue their own paths, studying their ancient wisdoms, connecting more and more with their divine selves. They are on the verge of discovering what powerful beings they really are. Since I cannot change that, I try to use that to my advantage. I know their culture and how they feel, what they expect. So I decide to give it to them. I used to control them only using fear, but I also learn how to control them using love, my kind of love, conditional love, a love that still judges and condemns. It is easy, lying comes naturally to me. I just tell them the truth, but with some important corrections of my own, trying to hijack their affections. So far that’s not too difficult. With their natural tendencies for true love and harmony they are easily deceived. And yet, I cannot shake a persistent feeling of unease, of doom. No matter how hard I try, it is just not working as well as I expected. Some just do not give up. I try a different method, sneaking into their minds and very carefully exploiting their greatest fears, their greatest desires. And now some even manage to resist that, they actually recognise my touch. While they might feel humiliated, ashamed and embarrassed at first, they learn and then move on. I cannot distract them any longer. I am afraid they start to learn a few things about me that I do not want them to know. I am a very good fighter. I always win. But how do I fight an opponent that refuses to fight back? The worst is, right now a few are actually starting to loose their fear of me, moving along the path of pity, compassion to unconditional love. How dare they. I want their fear, I need their fear. Their fear and unbridled passions make me strong, I thrive on them. There is one last strategy that I can use. I regret that I cannot burn them at the stake any more, modern times require modern methods, but I can make them look foolish, disparage and scandalise them. And even that will not be enough, but I cannot give up, it is not in my nature. I have to fight until the end.

With this little excursion I want to emphasise an important fact. It might feel like we are under attack, that there is a battle going on most of us are not even aware of, but trying to ‘fight’ back does not help us, it helps them. We need to step back from battle, on every level, and rather become very alert, very aware, and look at the events in our world with more scrutiny. We have to look behind the facade, getting a feel for the true motivation by taking control of our emotions and rather relying on our feelings.

Instead of a battle consider it a game of chess. Their move, your move. Their action, your action. Realise that at any moment You can choose how to react, but only for yourself. The freedom and sovereignty we want to claim for ourselves we also have to grant each other and allow each individual to follow his or her own path."

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