I would just like to edit my conclusions.

Please refer to the comments by Torbin:


The Crabwood disc says:

"Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES.Much PAIN but still time.EELIE1366E.There is GOOD out there.We oPpose DECEPTION.COnduit CLOSING,"

So, the title of my blog is wrong and perhaps also much of my conclusions. Maybe readers will still find some of the information useful on their search.
A Crop glyph formation at Crabwood with an Alien face holding CD with ASCI code message reads:
"Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES.
Much PAIN but still time.
There is GOOD out there.
COnduit CLOSING [bell sound]"

The word 'EELrijue' was not a 'mistake' that some have interpreted to be the word 'believe', but it has the intentional meaning of:
'Editable, Executable Library of a multitude' and it is referring to the infinitely evolving Collective Consciousness. The fact that this word was 'corrupted' in the crop formation seems to me to be indicating that for humanity, our Collective Consciousness is 'corrupted' or possibly even 'tampered with'. The 'false gifts and broken promises' bearers are the ETs depicted in the glyph, who are commonly referred to as the 'greys' who made agreements with the United States government for genetic experimentation in exchange for technological 'gifts'. The messengers want us to know that they are the benevolent messengers who also sent the 'Aricebo Reply' crop glyph along with the humanoid face.

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008


This is a really nice, informative, well written website about UFOs


On this website is an interesting article on the Catholic perspective on UFOs written by Monsignore Corrado Balducci, Rome.
Msgr. Balducci is one of the best-known and most respected Italian theologians. The Roman priest and Curia member served the Holy See as a diplomat and member of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples ("Propaganda Fide"). Here are some excerpts (for the complete article, please refer to the website).

"There is a great and constantly growing number of eyewitness testimony about the so-called "flying saucers", spacecraft and Extraterrestrials. Many of these eyewitnesses are highly qualified observers with a profound education, who did not believe in them before they had their personal encounter."

"The general a priori-scepticism, the systematic, total denial, damages, even destroys the basic value of the human testimony with grave and incalculable consequences, since it is indeed the fundament of human society, if individual, social or religious. Of course there is always one or the other exemption, there are errors and lies, but generally all our life is based on what we learned from others. It is unthinkable to live without this basic confidence, unimaginable are the consequences of a general negation of the human experience on the individual, social and religious life. It would destroy the very fundament of any human society!"

"We can exclude that angels use spaceships. As purely spiritual beings, angels can project themselves at any place they want to reach and, in rare instances, when they want to reveal themselves, take a visible form without any difficulty. "

"When we talk about "Extraterrestrials", we refer to humanoid beings which are, like us, of both, a spiritual and a material nature, a physical body (for which to move they indeed need spacecraft), although in their case the relationship between mind and matter might be a different one than in our case. For this, we do not have scientific evidence yet, although we are approaching this question slowly thanks to an increasing number of careful studies and research."

The basic points of his article expound on the basic idea that:
It is very well possible, and even highly probable, and even desirable that other inhabited planets exist. "If they are indeed superior to us, can help and support us in our spiritual development. In this way, which we cannot prove, they might have helped and protected us already in the past."

Among the theologians he referred to, are:

Cardinal Nikolaus Cusanus (1401-1464). He stated: "We are not authorized to exclude that on another star beings exist which are completely different from us."

The Jesuit Father and astronomer Fr. Angelo Secchi (1818-1876) wrote: "It is absurd to claim that the worlds surrounding us are large, uninhabited worlds and that the meaning of the universe lies just in our small, inhabited planet."

The famous Dominican preacher Jacques-Marie-Louis Monsabre (1827-1907) referred to the principle "Natura non facit saltus" when he claimed that other intelligent beings besides men and angels exist.

The already quoted English Jesuit Father Herbert Thurston wrote: "Who can claim that there are no other intelligent beings besides angels, demons and men in the Universe? I do not intend to confirm the possibility I indicated in my question as a fact, but I ask: Who can be sure about it."

“The Lord certainly did not limit His glory to this small Earth. On other planets other beings exist who did not sin and fall as we did."
- St. Padre Pio of Pietrelcina (1887-1968), canonized June 16, 2002

Question: “Holy Father, are there any aliens?”
Answer: “Always remember: They are children of God as we are…”
- H.H. Pope John Paul II. when asked by a child during his visit to the parish of “S. Innocenzo I. Papa e S. Guido Vescovo” in the north of Rome, November 28, 1999.

The Salesian Father and Servant of God Don Andrea Beltrami (1870-1897) who prayed also for the inhabitants of other planets. Of the 16 booklets he wrote, one is said to deal with this topic; unfortunately they were not published yet by the Father Postulator of his cause.

The great stigmatized Capucchin Padre Pio, who was beatified by Pope John Paul II on May 2, 1999 and canonized on June 16, 2002. From St. Fr. Pio, the following dialogue is documented and officially published by the Cappuchin Order:
Question: Padre, some claim that there are creatures of God on other planets, too.
Answer: "What else? Do you think they don’t exist and that God's omnipotence is limited to this small planet Earth? What else? Do you think there are no other beings who love the Lord?"
Question: Padre, I think the Earth is nothing compared to other planets and stars.
Answer: "Exactly! Yes, and we Earthlings are nothing, too. The Lord certainly did not limit His glory to this small Earth. On other planets other beings exist who did not sin and fall as we did."
(Don Nello Castello: Cosi parlo P.Pio, Vicenza 1974)

Vatican Astronomer Fr. George Coyne, S.J.: “It is madness to believe man is alone”



jimbo said...

" Vatican Astronomer Fr. George Coyne, S.J.: “It is madness to believe man is alone” "

It's also madness to think the pope is somehow an intercessory to God!

Hey, I like your blog a lot and I"m very interested in the crop circle too. I meant to comment to you a while back but I have a lot to do.

I enjoy your content very much.

Simone said...

Hi Jimbo, Thank you for your comment, yeah, I'm busy too, mostly with 2 children. Your website is interesting also and thanks for linking to mine. I would be interested in learning about your experiences as an astronaut.

About your comment, I very much appreciate and respect your opinion. I agree that there is a lot of hypocrisy in the church and reason for many to be cynical and critical of it, and I'm very sad that so many people have been seriously harmed in the church. However, I have to say that I personally had a good experience with the Catholic church. I stopped going to church after my awakening experience and could no longer tolerate the pedophile scandals.

But anyway, one could argue that many religious figures act as 'intercessory' to God even though they would not admit to it outright. The idea of 'intercession' is that, when one member of the body of Christ is weak, another is strong, and so we 'intercede' for one another spiritually (we do this when we pray for each other) as God's members and family. I think that many would be surprised to discover if they look deeper into Catholic theology, the many truths that they have, not only the belief that we are now able to (and should) all go directly to God in our own conscience but also one day that we all hope and eagerly long for, that soon we will not need to be 'intercessory' to one another, but all will each have the indwelling spirit of God and will be in perfect communion with God. So, even the Catholic church believes that any position as 'intercessor' or 'intermediary' is temporary and will one day no longer be needed.

In any case, I believe that all religions have truths and are paths to understanding God, so I am grateful for what I learned from the Catholic Church and from the many other religions that I have studied.

I'm very grateful for the church making such a statement about UFOs in such clear terms and I believe this to be the first such statement on the subject of this kind, So this is a big deal for about 1 billion of the earth's population! The original article says that many other prominent religions 'followed suit' after this with similar statements.

As I said, I understand the cynicism and where it is coming from, but I hope we can all heal that and move beyond it and I hope that we will all discover truths if we openly communicate with one another with love.

While everywhere there are lies and deceit, and pain caused... as the message says, there is also 'good out there'!