I would just like to edit my conclusions.

Please refer to the comments by Torbin:


The Crabwood disc says:

"Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES.Much PAIN but still time.EELIE1366E.There is GOOD out there.We oPpose DECEPTION.COnduit CLOSING,"

So, the title of my blog is wrong and perhaps also much of my conclusions. Maybe readers will still find some of the information useful on their search.
A Crop glyph formation at Crabwood with an Alien face holding CD with ASCI code message reads:
"Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES.
Much PAIN but still time.
There is GOOD out there.
COnduit CLOSING [bell sound]"

The word 'EELrijue' was not a 'mistake' that some have interpreted to be the word 'believe', but it has the intentional meaning of:
'Editable, Executable Library of a multitude' and it is referring to the infinitely evolving Collective Consciousness. The fact that this word was 'corrupted' in the crop formation seems to me to be indicating that for humanity, our Collective Consciousness is 'corrupted' or possibly even 'tampered with'. The 'false gifts and broken promises' bearers are the ETs depicted in the glyph, who are commonly referred to as the 'greys' who made agreements with the United States government for genetic experimentation in exchange for technological 'gifts'. The messengers want us to know that they are the benevolent messengers who also sent the 'Aricebo Reply' crop glyph along with the humanoid face.

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Asteroid Explosion

My sister related to me a dream she had about an orange fireball.


8/7/8 Asteroid explosion

A small asteroid named 8TA9D69 about the size of a table exploded over Africa after slamming into the atmosphere, leaving nothing but a few small bits falling to earth.

The asteroid exploded at 0243 UT entered the air at 10:46 p.m. ET (0246 UT) on Oct. 7 over northern Sudan. No pictures were taken, but for anyone who might have seen it, it was expected to look like a very bright fireball that would have been much more dramatic than the typical shooting star.

1965 November 9 Blackout in NY:

This is a story by Chris Holly about how she remembered seeing an orange ball of light the night of a blackout, but no one in her family remembered it so she thought it was a dream. Then she asked her friend at a reunion if she remembered it and she said she did.

"All of a sudden, we saw a huge orange reddish yellowish ball or orb streak across the sky over the houses. It was enormous. It went across the entire sky and was gone. I never saw anything like it before. Barbara thought it was a meteor or comet that was crashing through our space."

She writes that they both researched it and found that "people had UFO sightings and saw strange lights along with many other odd events that day. I have researched this event over the years since and have found Barbara was right. Many other people did see exactly what Barbara and I saw that day of November 9th 1965. I think it is obvious much more took place that day other then the blackout. It also fits into the area of people NOT wanting to know or understand these things due to fear and lack of knowledge of the unknown."

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