I would just like to edit my conclusions.

Please refer to the comments by Torbin:


The Crabwood disc says:

"Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES.Much PAIN but still time.EELIE1366E.There is GOOD out there.We oPpose DECEPTION.COnduit CLOSING,"

So, the title of my blog is wrong and perhaps also much of my conclusions. Maybe readers will still find some of the information useful on their search.
A Crop glyph formation at Crabwood with an Alien face holding CD with ASCI code message reads:
"Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES.
Much PAIN but still time.
There is GOOD out there.
COnduit CLOSING [bell sound]"

The word 'EELrijue' was not a 'mistake' that some have interpreted to be the word 'believe', but it has the intentional meaning of:
'Editable, Executable Library of a multitude' and it is referring to the infinitely evolving Collective Consciousness. The fact that this word was 'corrupted' in the crop formation seems to me to be indicating that for humanity, our Collective Consciousness is 'corrupted' or possibly even 'tampered with'. The 'false gifts and broken promises' bearers are the ETs depicted in the glyph, who are commonly referred to as the 'greys' who made agreements with the United States government for genetic experimentation in exchange for technological 'gifts'. The messengers want us to know that they are the benevolent messengers who also sent the 'Aricebo Reply' crop glyph along with the humanoid face.

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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Shapeshifting, Hollow Earth

Someone emailed me this dream they had:
"... this reminds me of my dream on the night of the 13th of October (or thereabouts) that (remember) I had the vision of the light ships all around and then they “left” and the “reptoids” came in the form of commet like tennis size balls and landed and turned into reptilians that were “after” all the “happy” people (myself included) and my thought on this was - that there would still be some “standing up” we would have to do “against evil” - this makes me think that those “lightballs/reptilians” landing - before the truth would prevail for all - are what people are experiencing – we can’t believe that we are being “inundated” with this “evil’ all around still at this late a date in our history – while all the world is ready for love and light and peace is just a door knock away – these evil doers and power hungry crazy people think they can still “get at” us all. I remember not being scared in this dream, but thinking “boy, we still have some work to do to survive these monsters” – but survive this all we will. We will see a new world soon…..bliss"

I was having trouble understanding David Icke's reptilian shapeshifting stuff and I thought to myself that okay, this is really way out there... but I'm going to reserve judgement on it and see if it makes sense later... then I watched the latest Project Camelot video with Bill Deagle and in his talk he explains how people are starting to see into other dimensions and that is the explanation behind the shapeshifting phenomenon... it is not that they are physically changing form in 3D but the 'perception' of the viewer is 'seeing' into another dimension where they can 'see' the 'reptillian' form. Here is Bill Deagle's interview part 1 of three:

So then after I was able to accept that 'reality' of the shapeshifting... the hollow earth 'reality' finally made sense to me. I couldn't get a hold on that one either, but I kept wondering why everyone was believing it and why there are so many mythologies and folklore throughout the earth where cultures spoke about these inner earth beings in their world-views. I had set that whole thing 'aside' for a long time, because I didn't understand how there could be whole worlds under the earth. But if I think of these stories as doorways or passageways hidden under the earth that allow one to move into other dimensions then it finally made sense. So from my understanding anyway, maybe these people are having extra-dimensional experiences. I also recalled moments in my life where I felt I was able to 'see' evil or lies of people as though looking through to the spiritual realm rather than in just this 3D reality and feeling the evil presence in certain places, so I can relate on that level although I have never experienced whole extra-dimensional worlds or shapeshifting myself. So that is my 'take' on those two subjects. The Nassim Haramein video also helped me understand the physics behind the dimensions a little better.
I keep having to remind myself that we are moving into the realm of being able to create our own realities-- thoughts creates reality and... if that is the case, what kind of a reality do we want to create? How do we need to purify our minds to think about love and unification and peace so we create a New Era of peace?


Bizzy said...

EELRIJUE is an anagram for Lieu Jeer, most likely the name of whoever did it.

SporeLover said...

EELRIJUE is an anagram for Jeer Lieu (Mocked Location) also read as False Origin. It's a confession of it's own self being a hoax.